Car Detailing and Valeting in Swindon, Wiltshire

Detailing, Protection, Valeting.

97% of cars on the road have really bad paintwork,
Scratched, scuffed, swirled, you name it...

The roads show no mercy to your car:
Salt, rain, stones, bird droppings, dust, tar, oil, leaves...

After a while, they look a little... tired and almost embarrassing,
I'm here to fix your pride and joy, so you love it once more!

Kevin Loveday

Kevin Loveday, Founder

Hi, I'm Kev - that guy obsessed with making cars look perfect again. I specialise in machine polishing and detailing, with added paint protection. I also offer my expert valet skills to keep you looking sharp. Have a question? Just reach out and I'll get right back to you!

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Working Magic On Your Paintwork

Kevin Machine Detailing a Car

Fix those swirls, marks and scuffs! Most cars require an in-depth machine polish to put the life and soul back into the paintwork. I'm here to make your car look as good as new, like the day it was made.


Ceramic Coatings, Waxes, Protect That Paint

Kevin Applying Ceramic Coating

After a detail, your paint is ready to shine. It's time to lock-in the new gleaming paintwork and keep it protected from the elements. This will help it shine forever, through things like wax and a long-lasting ceramic coating.


Inside, Outside, Looking Glamorous

Kevin Valeting a Mercedes Car

Whether it's a new car or just detailed, a full valet ensures your car looks super top to bottom. Use your car for commutes or heading on a road trip? Let's make it happen and get it looking like it just left the showroom.

Happy cars, and customers...

Just a handful of vehicles we've transformed.
Full paintwork detailing, ceramic coats, single or regular valets.

Ferrari Interior and Exterior Valet Service
Stage 2 Machine Polish - Paintwork Correction
Stage 2 Machine Polish - Paintwork Correction
Hand Detailing a Luxury Car
Van Paintwork Restoration with Machine Polish Stage 2
Headlight Restoration Detailing Project
Headlight Restoration Detailing Project
Engine Bay Detailing Services
Full Paintwork Detail with Machine Polishing
Full Valet Services Mobile and Remote
Snowfoam Prewash Before Full Detail Service
Luxury Mercedes Gets a Full Machine Detail in Wiltshire
Pre-Valet Snowfoam Treatment
Stage 1 Car Detailing Machine Polish
Soft Top Car Gets a Full Detail
Stage 2 Machine Polish and Ceramic Coating

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